How Will Brexit impact the Translation industry?

On June 23, 2016, 52% of the British citizens decided they no longer want to be a part of the European Union. The Lisbon Treaty, which allows for every member...

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5 Industries To Increase Profits and Improve Customer Relations With Language Translation

In today’s globalized environment, it is common for businesses from different industries to interact with foreign investors and partners. Enterprises have realised the strategic importance of globalization and, as a...

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How understanding the culture of the country can help you to localize

The process of localization generally refers to the adaptation of a product to suit a specific culture and its market. Localization and translation are part of the bigger process of...

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Why Is Desktop Publishing Important for your corporate communication?

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be able to produce and distribute content in both online and print form, to reach a wide range of audiences. While...

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What it takes to be translator and Interpreter in Conflict Zones

From the Stone Edge, to the two World Wars, all the way to Modern Warfare - conflict has existed since the beginning of time and, with it, the need for...

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7 Tips on How to provide Quality Translation

Every translator knows that, to be excellent at your craft, it takes far more than simply learning a foreign language. The profession requires passion and love for the culture, tradition...

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Video content translation: How can voice-over and subtitles help businesses capture the global markets?

As you have probably established by now, the successful integration of a business within a foreign market depends to a large extent on a good marketing campaign. An efficient way...

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The 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea: What are the business opportunities laying ahead?

2018 has just began but we are already looking forward to the upcoming Winter Olympic games, which will be hosted in South Korea this year. Given the magnitude of this...

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The translation industry’s impact on the luxury industry: global trends and developments

Shopping for goods, from everyday necessities to limited edition collectors’ items, has never been easier as it is today. With the ubiquity of the Internet and social media, consumers can...

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The Korean Wave in Europe

The Korean economy is the world’s 11th biggest one today, with a GDP of over 1,377 billion euros. The income per person in the country is two-thirds of America’s, and...

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Spain – the future of Chinese global business relations

The Spanish economy has experienced significant growth in the past few years, making Spain Europe’s seventh biggest recipient of Chinese investment. With the fall in oil prices, the favourable exchange...

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What you need to know for a successful localization of your business within the Thai Market

Referred to as the Gateway to Asia, Thailand has maintained its economic relations with Europe ever since the 15th century, when Vasco da Gama established the first European contact with...

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How Japanese Translation and Localization can develop the Spanish market

The translation and localization services can be a key factor in establishing relations between countries with diverging cultures, languages and traditions. Today, we take a walk in history to see...

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Mobile localisation- why does your business need it?

At the end of 2017, there is not a person within the developed world not owning a smart phone- we watch, exercise, shop, even eat with their help and thus...

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1-StopAsia first Asian translation agency to receive Across CertificationAcross Certification

At 1-StopAsia, we believe that excellence can only be achieved through continuous improvement and growth. That’s why we are excited to be the first Asian translation agency obtaining the “Across...

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Trends in Translation Software for 2017

Despite the uncertain future many businesses face in the light of recent global events, the translation software and machine translation market continue to expand and develop. What’s more – it...

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What’s different about Asian localization?

Localization is the process of businesses adapting their products and content to specific markets and consumers. This process allows for Western businesses to establish their influence within Asian markets, and...

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New Translation Guidelines for Chinese signs – is that going to be the end of Chinglish?

Whether you’ve actually been on a trip to China or simply scrolling down popular websites, then you’ve probably had a good laugh at the inadequate, often ridiculous mistranslations of various...

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How Translation affects our lives

  Each year on September 30th celebrated by many people around the globe. It is a day of celebration originally recognized as such in honor of a patron saint (Saint...

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2017 – What happened in the Translation Industry – trends and news?

Translation industry trends are constantly changing as technology gives new opportunities. We observe with curiosity the industry trends so our partners and clients adapt to innovative business ideas that can...

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Is Chinese hard to master for British People?

Nowadays, most people would agree that learning Mandarin Chinese is essential, not only because it is the most widely spoken language on the planet (44% of world population), but also...

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Can we perceive translation as a form of art?

Do you consider translation a form of art? How much creativity is required to be a translator? Translation is basically a process of transferring all the ideas and the essence...

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Powerful Translation Apps and Devices for Travelers

Have you ever had a fear of traveling only because of the language barrier? We live in the 21th century, just stop worrying, go ahead and book those tickets! Let...

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Globalization and its influence on translation industry

I have decided to write about this topic as it is growing more popular day by day.  It is also one of the reasons for the development of the world’s...

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What are the Highest Paying Asian Languages?

Are you a business owner? Are you bilingual? or you are on your way to learn a foreign language or do you want to be a translator, if so the...

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Facts You Didn’t Know About Languages

Did you know that: 1 .  There are about 7,000 languages in the world. 2.  Out of all the spoken languages in the world most of them originate from Asia...

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Factors affecting translation costs

Imagine that you have a text and you need someone to translate it for you. After asking yourself where to find a translator and wondering how long it will take,...

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How did English first start to be translated into Chinese?

Let's learn a little bit more about the first person who dared to translate English into Chinese. Yan Fu was a Chinese scholar and translator, most famous for introducing western...

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