The Test of Time & Business: Keeping Your Head Above Water

Est. read time: 2 minutes, 50 seconds In business, sinking is always a possibility, but swimming is a choice Why do people start businesses or become Entrepreneurs knowing that there’s...

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3 Gold Coins, a Leprechaun and Desktop Publishing

A short little man with curly red hair and a long scrappy beard stood behind David who was slouched in a strange uncomfortable position in his chair, steady at work....

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Spring has sprung!

Coming up: the Annual GALA Conference in Munich

Trending in the industry The Machines. Hearing that phrase, I can’t help but to think about sci-fi movies like, The Terminator and I, Robot. I also can’t help but to...

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6 tips to getting picked up by an LSP as a freelance translator

To make it simple, think of it this way - the best way to get picked up by an LSP is by standing out from the crowd. We all know...

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The Phenomenon called Artificial Language

Est. read time: 3 minutes, 20 seconds “In the Future, will there be a new International Language?” Imagine a world where the people from each country only spoke their native...

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The Joy and Benefits of Learning a Second Language

(Est. read time: 4 minutes) Knowing a second language opens up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities The beauty of being able to speak multiple languages can be...

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Valentine’s Day and the Importance of Telling the Story of our Culture

(Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 45 seconds) Cindy bolted over to Han’s backpack and placed a sticker on one of its straps and then hurried back to her seat. Do...

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Professional Freelancers When Applying with LSPs

Even if you’re the best—it’s not going to get you anywhere if your email isn’t as professional as you state you are. With the upcoming ELIA event in mind, “Together”,...

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The youngest speaker of the Kanakanavu language is 60 years old!

The Dilemma of Indigenous Languages

“What do you do? Do you stand up for your people’s history and culture and fight for the preservation of its values and beliefs?” To protect an Indigenous language is...

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Our Top 5 Pig Recipes for Chinese New Year 2019

We went ahead and put together 5 of our favourite Chinese New Year dishes. But we didn’t stop there, we also added some suggestions to try along with them. Some...

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How to Build Stronger Relationships and Grow as a Company: Part 1

“It’s the collaboration of the many that makes a company a strong force.” We all know how important it is for us to have good relationships with the people we...

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BAnner 2

An insight on the “Conference that isn’t a conference: An Un-conference”

As previously mentioned, the 2019 UNConference event was held in Huntington Beach, California from January 17–19. Our colleague, Ian Shin, attended this 2-day event and would like to share his...

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Localization and How it Affects the Translation Industry of the Future

Whatever language will become the International language of the future, or whatever languages will be used the most in the future will not only affect the Media Industry, but also...

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The Future of Translation and Artificial Intelligence

Well, luckily, nowadays, with the advancements in new translation technology, in the case of the scenario above, you wouldn’t have this problem at all. With the rise in the advancements...

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David’s Christmas Adventure and how a translation saved the day

 After hearing the noise and eventually realizing what had happened to that poor little helper who had to be scraped off of the wall—Mrs. Claus shook her head in worry....

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FB 8 phrases

8 Interesting Words & Phrases of Asia

What’s fascinating to me the most about this phrase is its literal translation, which is, “Did you eat rice?” While recently doing some research on Asian Cultures, I came across some...

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IP and The Translation Industry

If you were to go on the Internet now and type in a search for, “What is IP?”, what will probably come up is Internet Protocol. Are You Referring to Internet Protocol? If...

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MCE pic

A throwback on MCE, Budapest

It was an absolute pleasure to attend the first MCE conference. For a first time the organizers did splendid job, the venue was great, the paper free idea was even...

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The Joy of Thanksgiving and a Thai Rice Pudding

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and the family had gathered together to help prepare dinner for the big day. The kids prepared the smaller and more simpler dishes and...

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GDPR – Cos’è e cosa dobbiamo sapere a riguardo?

Il modo migliore per proteggere l'autonomia dei dati personali in questa nuova era digitale è stata una questione importante, sia nella sfera politica che in quella imprenditoriale. Per le società...

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Asia on focus: A Story of The Chinese Dragon

Come with me in your imagination and let’s travel back in time to the very beginning—before humans and life on earth existed, and let’s witness the creation of mankind. Now...

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“Congratulations on a Job Well-done”

We at 1-StopAsia would like to take the time to acknowledge and congratulate one of our fellow colleagues on an accomplishment he achieved within the translation industry. Penko Stoev, an...

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A mouse, a spaceship and the English to Korean translation

On a dark stormy night, the rain was beating down heavy and thunder was rumbling through the sky. On a dark stormy night, the rain was beating down heavy and...

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What we bring from “Languages & The Media” in Berlin

We are back from another wonderful and interesting conference, this time on Languages & the Media. It was held in Berlin, Germany between 3-5.October.2018 and we are still thinking about...

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ND pic

An insight on ELIA ND Vienna, Austria

It is the week after ELIA ND in Vienna, Austria and we from 1-StopAsia are eager to share our own experience with all of our partners and friends. Yes, it...

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The secrets of Thai language

The team of 1StopAsia is here to take you yet again on a magical tour through the most charming cultures on Earth. This time we’re going to introduce you to...

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Translation companies & Media services

It is no secret that Asian languages have become an important part of the global cultural and economic landscape. Given China’s position as a dominant economic force, with its 1.411...

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5 successful marketing strategies for Asia-Pacific region

Establishing a business within the Asian-Pacific region requires a high level of knowledge for the local markets and culture, unprecedented in any other part of the world.  We have previously...

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Why Japanese repair with gold?

Again we travel to the land of the rising sun. Have you ever heard of the term “kintsugi”? Even Japanese beginners can easily dissect the word - “kin” meaning gold...

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A year in 1-StopAsia – PART 1

Looking over the last year I think I can publish a book with the experiences and situations that I had in the company. Better start at the beginning as a...

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Key essentials on Project Management in the translation industry

Excellence in Project management is the essence of a good translation company. Every successful LSP has an internal system organizing the efficiency of the translation process. Being a company that...

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6 facts about the Chinese language you’ve always wondered about

Few languages are as enticing and captivating as Chinese. With over a billion speakers around the world, this ancient language influences the world’s cultural, economic and political landscape. Regardless of...

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Standing out from the crowd: A Translator’s guide to digital marketing

With a large number of in-house translators and an experienced team of project managers, we at 1-StopAsia know a thing or two about how freelancers can build a reputable image...

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Similarities, despite the differences. What connects the East and the West?

Humans are creatures driven by the idea of development. In this sense, different people have developed differently, which is very logical since progress is affected by desire and ambition as...

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5 peculiar facts about Japanese language you might find surprising

Asian languages have always intrigued and fascinated people. Some of them have been brave enough to try and learn an Asian language but most of us cowered before their complexity...

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This is PART 2 of the Trends in Asian translations summary up to July.2018. CHAPTER II - SOURCE LANGUAGES Asian languages as a Source language The situation with the Source...

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Indigenous languages – preserving culture and national heritage in modern days

Language is an important part of people’s everyday lives and relationships- what are the consequences we face by allowing for indigenous languages to disappear and why is it important to...

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It is the beginning of August and with this comes the possibility to look back at half of 2018. With going into the second half of 2018 it is a...

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Asia on focus: Origami – the art of translating your thoughts

You may wonder what the origami has in common with the translation industry…   The answer is pretty obvious – the message. The translation industry is helping to understand one...

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Neural Machine Translation – the newest technology explained

Neural Machine Translation is the latest development in Machine Translation - what does this technology mean for the future of the translation industry and what are the best implementation practices?...

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 How to overcome the language barrier in international business

Language barriers can create insurmountable challenges for businesses’ overseas operations. How can they be surpassed in order for a reputable brand image and smooth communication to be established?   Today’s...

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TOP 5 essentials on Social Marketing for translation companies

How can a B2B company create successful Social Media strategy to generate revenue and increase traffic? Long gone are the days when Social Media platforms were used only for personal...

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Asia on focus: Rainforest world music festival

An Asian Summer Festival that speaks wonders trough music   Finally, the summer is here, the sun is  shining outside, temperatures  are rising and we catch ourselves daydreaming  about new ...

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Trends and Predictions in Digital Marketing – 2018

The latest trends in digital marketing for 2018 and how can they be implemented for a successful communication between businesses and their customers   Nowadays, no brand is bigger than...

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localizing your slogan

Localizing your slogan – is it the way to global success?

  How can businesses expanding into new markets benefit from the translation and localization of their slogan? A slogan is one of  the  main differentiating points for businesses - it’s...

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Korean Language Translation – Predictions for bright Future

In recent years, the Korean pop culture, including music, movies and TV dramas, have experienced new-found popularity in the West. Consequentially, there has been an increased interest towards the Korean...

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Translation VS. Localization- what is the difference?

With the on-going process of globalization, the days when the translation industry’s practices were limited to only communicating a text’s meaning from a source to a target language are behind...

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What holds back businesses from succeeding in China?

China’s rapid economic growth from the past 30 years has had significant global impact. Accounting for 18% of the world’s GDP in 2017, the Chinese economy has already surpassed the...

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Localizing your Social Media Content: What you need to know

With over 3 billion global users, social media has become an important part of communicating online and, as such, more and more businesses have integrated it into their marketing strategies....

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How the traveling and translation industries can be mutually beneficial

Despite the economic hardships of the past decades, the travel and tourism industries are continuously growing, and, in 2017, their total contribution to the GDP has been evaluated to 11,000...

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