The Test of Time & Business: Keeping Your Head Above Water

In business, sinking is always a possibility, but swimming is a choice

Why do people start businesses or become Entrepreneurs knowing that there’s a strong likelihood that they could fail? And what keeps those who are already in business moving when the going gets tough and they’re tempted to give up? This article isn’t about the difficulties of business – we’re all aware of them, but rather it’s about the determination to keep your head above water once the waters begin to rise and your swimming skills are put to the test.

Knowing your ‘why’ will keep you afloat

Knowing your why will be your life jacket when you’re in the deep rough waters of business. Why do so many companies sink? Because they forget to wear their life jacket – they forget their why, their reason for starting their company and chasing that dream. They lose sight of what gave them that heart’s desire from the get-go – they lose their vision. Forgetting your why is no different than being in water and forgetting how to swim. Without a clear connection to your reason, it’s inevitable that you will sink.

Acknowledging the possibility of sinking

The Test of TimeWe can all admit that it would be silly for someone to be in a swimming pool and complain about being wet, or to be in a burning house and fuss about the heat. It’s inescapable, right? In business, sinking will always be a possibility. There’s always a chance that you could fail. Being honest with yourself about this is the best persuasion tactic that you could use on yourself to get to a place of true hunger for success. Because it puts you in survival mode; a life or death state of mind towards business. And it will cause you to establish a much stronger and clearer connection to your why on a more intimate level, which will give you that push to fight to stay above the waters regardless of how high they may rise.

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Stay adrift

There’s no doubt that when you’re in those deep waters of business that there will be times when you feel unsettled, uncomfortable, and afraid. But if there is a time when you must stay adrift, it’s during those times. The uncertainty of not knowing if success is just around the corner is enough to make a person give up entirely. And most do. But the truth is, the unpredictability of it will always be a threat to you as long as you’re in business. It’s your inner determination and undying drive that will be the force that will keep you adrift during those variable times. Having a strong, vivid vision of what you want and why will keep you flowing in the right direction, especially when unexpected waves of challenges come to provoke and test your ability to swim.

Business on focus: Kongō Gumi Co., Ltd.

Considered to be the oldest business to still be around until today, originally opening its doors in Osaka Japan over 1400 years ago, this company has been a prime example of keeping their head above water. You can imagine the amount of difficulties they must’ve faced and the types of challenges they had to overcome in order to still be operating today. This construction company is responsible for building numerous Buddhist temples and even the famous 16th-century Osaka Castle. It is also 1-StopAsia’s CEO and Founder, Don Shin’s, biggest inspiration for starting his company.

You can read more about Kongō Gumi Co., Ltd. here.