Automation and its Future Effect on Humans, Translation and Localization

Do humans have a chance of winning the battle against Automation & AI?

What is Automation? In simple terms, it’s the incorporation and replacement of humans and old technology with AI (new technology).

The effect of Automation on Humans & Jobs

In 5 or so years from now, the Earth and society as we know it will be completely transformed. By then, AI automation will have taken over most jobs that don’t necessarily need to be operated by humans. Factory Workers, Call Center Employees, Truck Drivers, Cashiers and more. There’s no doubt that this happening is inevitable, but how far and how fast do we believe this will spread? And what will be the response of people in regards to the takeover of their jobs by robots and the automation of AI?

How will it Change the Localization & Translation industries?

Automation and its Future Effect on Humans, Translation and LocalizationHow will localization be affected by the widespread epidemic of Automation? In order to answer that question, we first must answer, ‘How advanced will AI get?’ Will it become so advanced and efficient that human presence within the process of localization would no longer be necessary? And speaking of that, you would also have to ask the hardest question that every Translation Company must ask, “Will AI eventually replace my company entirely?” As of now, the localization process is mainly handled by humans, but if humans continue to improve AI technology or if technology will develop the ability to improve itself over time, where will that leave those who provide localization services to the world? What will happen to translation companies?

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The Inevitability of Automation & AI

There’s no doubt that it’s coming. Mankind is too addicted to technology and making things easier for themselves to not encourage and foster its dominating takeover. Our society has become almost totally dependent on it in a lot of ways, and as time passes, this condition will most likely worsen. So what do we do about it? Do we acknowledge that we’re aware of what’s going to happen but continue down the path ignoring what we see coming? Or do we stop and think about our contribution and the part that we’re playing in this ultimate scourge that our economy, society and humanity is on the verge of facing much sooner than later?

Our Thoughts

We respect and see the trend that Automation along with AI has created. No one can deny its potential or stifle the effect it’s bound to have on our future. But concerning how to better prepare and situate yourself for what’s coming, we would like to share our advice and perspective on this matter through 2 simple steps:

#1 See it as a tool, not a threat

Regardless if it does successfully become the next big thing within the industry, a lot of things will still need to be overseen and operated by humans. The technology has not yet advanced to the point where it no longer needs us. And who knows, maybe it’ll never fully get there. As of now, technology is here to make our jobs more efficient and less time-consuming. So instead of being intimidated by it, try thinking of ways in which it can help strengthen and advance your company to a stronger position. Don’t view it as a threat, view it as a tool.

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#2 No machine can replace the feeling of human interaction

Our advice is to maintain a solid relationship with your clients. This is the most important thing you can do to ensure your company the highest chance of having a promising future. Yes, there may be somewhat of a decline in the use of human services in certain areas within the translation industry (and just about every industry), but that doesn’t mean it will completely abolish the need for us. Humans will continue to remain very important and essential in the overall process. So make sure you’re doing everything you possibly can to assure the satisfaction and happiness of those you do business with. Technology will come and go, but your loyalty and superb service is something your clients will never forget.