The Joy of Thanksgiving and a Thai Rice Pudding

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and the family had gathered together to help prepare dinner for the big day. The kids prepared the smaller and simpler dishes and the grown-ups the more challenging ones – everyone assisting and gladly lending a helping hand to get everything ready.

After many hours of prepping and cooking, the kitchen was now a mess from all of the dirty dishes and condiments scattered everywhere. By this time, everything was just about finished, except for the most important dish – a recipe for Thai Rice Pudding, which had been passed down through the family over many, many years.

As expected, there is no such thing as a family gathering without big drama in it… And this time the drama came upon finding the recipe for the abovementioned Thai Rice Pudding – they realized that the translation for it had been lost. So, in this part of the story comes the name of a company from the other side of the world, which in no way was related to Thanksgiving – 1-StopAsia. One of the family members knew a friend who worked with this language translation company and she remembered pretty well a person named David, who previously had a very interesting experience with aliens and rainy days, which he shared with her on his way to work one day.

So she picked up the phone and dialed a number, hoping David would pick up…


The Joy of Thanksgiving and a Thai Rice PuddingAfter just a few rings and a couple of pats on the head of the mouse that the exterminator failed to capture – David, the Account Project Manager who always works late and who recently witnessed some pretty freaky alien stuff, answered the phone. She explained the situation to David and he informed her that they would be more than able to help with resolving her translation problem. So she took a photo of the recipe and sent it to David, and then David forwarded the photo to a translator from his company, who was actually working due to the time difference and the fact that 1-StopAsia covered all time-zones. Then, while waiting for the translation, he called the exterminator again, who of course didn’t answer because it was the day before Thanksgiving and it was pretty late, and he was probably already at home, either cooking dinner or attempting to rid his own home of its mice problem.

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After receiving the recipe and working on it, the translator was able to get back to David within a few hours.


Upon hearing that the translation for the recipe was done, the whole family was very pleased and excited that the service was completed so quickly. And after receiving back the recipe and David sharing his interesting spaceship Halloween story again – this time with the whole family, they were able to have the Thai Rice Pudding prepared in no time – thanks to the wonderful translator who was available and able to assist them in such a crucial time.

We at 1-StopAsia are always available 24/7 for all of your translation needs. We take pride in our ability to provide a satisfactory service within a timely manner, always giving our best to every task assigned. In times of emergencies and quick translation needs, you can always count on us to be there around the clock – no matter the size of the project.

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!!! We hope you have a great holiday!