Our heroes of the month are our colleagues and all the translators in China!

We all hear a lot about this topic on the News, and it has gotten almost everywhere — coronavirus is a fact all over the world. The red dots on the map are increasing in size and number, and more and more people are found to be afflicted every day. But sometimes, news like this doesn’t catch our attention until it starts affecting us directly. But our attention will certainly be caught when the red dot appears somewhere in our country.

Well, we can say it’s touched the translation industry too. How exactly, one may ask?

Some of our readers received an email, saying that we’ll continue working despite the coronavirus outbreak, and some of them may not have received it. From that moment on, the situation has escalated both worldwide and in China, and lots of people are now dealing with the effects of that.

We’ve recently found something about it first hand — there is a huge shortage of masks in China at the moment, and the situation is more and more dire by the minute.

While people are allowed to go outside if they wear a mask, the current shortage of these makes it impossible to do so for many. Until recently, masks were available at high prices, but right now even those are proving very difficult to purchase.

The amazing people who do their job without saying a thing

While we sit in our offices in the Western world, we continue sending jobs to our translations in China and the work never stops, right?

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What humbles us is their selflessness, because despite the difficulties they continue working from home and deliver the best results they can every single day. They do all that during a huge crisis that’s close to their country, friends, and relatives. All our Chinese colleagues haven’t missed a day of work despite that, and we want to stop and say “Thank you! We support you and appreciate all your work!”

Our Korean, Thai and European offices join forces to help

fight the coronavirusOur colleagues from Korea and Thailand got the idea to supply them with the necessary amount of masks. It’s not that easy to do so. As people fear an outbreak in their country, too, there are limitations on the number of masks that can be purchased in bulk. Recently, Korea has stopped the option for people to send that type of package to China at all.

In Bulgaria, we’re lucky enough to be in a place where we can buy masks in bulk without restriction. Our team stands by our colleagues in China, and we’re supporting them by buying masks and sending them over as quickly as we can, with many being on their way.

We want to reach for the stars!

Our desire is to help as much as we can, so we’re reach out to everyone who wants to get involved. If enough people from different places send masks to our office in China to the point where there’s a surplus, our colleagues will distribute them to others in need. There is a whole country out there that is in dire need of these supplies, and each mask costs just a few cents. Nothing more.

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In the end, the heroes won’t be us. The real heroes will still be the people who do their work daily, deliver solid results even in times of crisis, and at the same time go out of their way to share their limited resources with those in need.

How to join us?

  1. Get in touch with us at marketing@1stopasia.com, and we will guide you on how you can send your care package.

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