Exclusive Insights: Yana on ELIA’s Focus on Executives 2023

Recently, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of 1-StopAsia, Yana Dinchiyska, had the privilege of attending the ELIA Focus on Executives Conference. This prestigious event brought together industry experts and executives to share invaluable knowledge and experiences. All the attendees eagerly absorbed the insights shared during the conference, gaining fresh perspectives on various aspects of business growth and management. In this article, we will delve into highlights and key takeaways from each day of the conference.

Day 1: The Most Important Deal of Your Life

Unlocking Business Insights: Key Takeaways from ELIA Focus on Executives Conference | 1-StopAsiaThe first day commenced with a captivating session led by Annette Lawlor and Olga Blasco. The speakers delved into the intricate world of buying and selling companies. Through informative presentations, we discovered different company types and the factors that make a company desirable to potential buyers. It became evident that the value of a company extends far beyond financial figures like profit and turnover. Company culture, office infrastructure, investments in teams, and a diverse client portfolio all play pivotal roles in attracting potential buyers.

However, the session went beyond the realm of mergers and acquisitions. The knowledge gained was equally beneficial for internal organizational improvement. By systematizing this information and disseminating it among employees and customers, we can elevate the value of the company both internally and externally. Without such systematic organization, a company may hit a growth plateau that proves difficult to surpass. The session provided us with a comprehensive methodology to outperform current performance levels.

Day 2: Strategies Using Objectives & Key Results

Unlocking Business Insights: Key Takeaways from ELIA Focus on Executives Conference | 1-StopAsiaThe second day of the conference revolved around strategies employing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Esteemed author and expert on the subject, Jeff Gothelf, took the stage to guide the attendees. It was revealed that only a handful of companies had attempted to implement OKRs, and unfortunately, those attempts proved unsuccessful. Jeff’s session shed light on the preparatory steps required to successfully adopt the OKR system and avoid common pitfalls.

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Implementing OKRs requires time and experience. Setting realistic goals and accurately measuring performance are paramount for success. The system should be constructed collaboratively, utilizing a top-down and bottom-up approach. Furthermore, it is essential for OKRs to prioritize output over input, encouraging goal-setting that focuses on tangible results. Empowering teams to strategize and propose methods to achieve objectives is a vital aspect of this approach. By breaking down goals into sub-goals for each team, we recognized the potential for fostering a collaborative environment that is conducive to achieving overall success.

Reflections and Conclusion

Unlocking Business Insights: Key Takeaways from ELIA Focus on Executives Conference | 1-StopAsiaParticipating in the ELIA Focus on Executives Conference was an enriching experience for all attendees. We gained invaluable insights into evaluating a company’s value beyond financial metrics, highlighting the significance of systematic organization for enhanced worth. Moreover, we grasped the principles of successful OKR implementation, emphasizing the importance of output-driven goals and collaborative teamwork.

As Yana reflects on her experience, she acknowledges the profound impact that the conference will have on 1-StopAsia’s growth trajectory. By applying the knowledge acquired, she envisions a future where our organization is better equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. The conference serves as a testament to the importance of continuous learning and staying attuned to evolving business trends.

In conclusion, attending the ELIA Focus on Executives Conference underscored the immense value of unlocking business insights for sustainable growth and success. Through exposure to industry experts and thought-provoking sessions, we gained valuable tools to propel our organization forward.