Teddy’s Christmas Campaign

Today, at the most hopeful, wise, and wonderfully bright time of the year, we give the stage to our colleague Teddy (Teodora Todorova). She will tell you her own Christmas story below:

Christmas is the time of the year when everybody wishes to be home, surrounded by family and friends. We prepare gifts for our beloved ones months before the holidays and we crave for the moment when they are going to receive them. Seeing people smiling and knowing that you brought happiness to someone reminds you of what it is all about.

However, some of us are not blessed with having people around us who can afford to make the holidays a bit brighter. Others, unfortunately, have lost family members or don’t have the chance to live with them for different reasons.

Once a website (called TimeHeroes) popped up in my social media profile. It’s a platform where you can find different “missions” from various charity organizations all around the country. The website’s interface is very user-friendly – you can choose the mission you want to take part in by location, organization, or type and you can just click and start doing your magic.

I liked the idea very much for a few reasons. First of all, there are missions available not only during the Christmas holidays. You can help all the time. ☺ Along with that, you can do various things to help, depending on what you can do. You can buy clothes for children in need, food products for retired people who live alone, or put your crafts talent in practice, translate different materials, become a volunteer in a particular event, and so on.

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Teddy's Christmas CampaignI chose a charity idea and decided to share it with my colleagues so we can plan something bigger. The initiative was to buy and send Christmas gifts to children who live in an orphanage. Each of us could buy and pack the present themselves or they could just collect the money and let me do the work. ☺ After everything is done, the gifts are sent to the people in charge of the initiative, whose contact details you get from an email sent to you by the platform.

Everyone deserves to experience a little bit more happiness and hope, especially around the Christmas holidays. This is the time of the year when we should think, observe and appreciate what’s happening around us and be grateful for the things and people we have in our lives. I believe that we shouldn’t forget about humanity, benevolence, and compassion. In these hard times, we should unite, help each other, and work on being the best versions of ourselves. So for Christmas, I want to wish everyone from the bottom of my heart health, peace, and more good deeds every day! Happy holidays!

A few words from our company:

Teddy is our bright light in the team with her positive energy and loving heart. She started working with us about 3 years ago and since then she has done multiple campaigns to help others. We humbly learn from her on a daily basis to be better at what we do in our lives, help and support each other. Our QC team is lucky to have her. Thank you Teddy for making us better.

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At 1-StopAsia we have our own policy for good ideas: any idea that comes from the team, our company supports it. In this case, we were happy to double the toys and necessities bought from our colleagues. Happy holidays everyone!