Key essentials on Project Management in the translation industry

Excellence in Project management is the essence of a good translation company.

Every successful LSP has an internal system organizing the efficiency of the translation process. Being a company that works mainly with other LSPs, we know what the important things in the industry are.

Advantages of good Project Management

When talking about Project Management the key benefits that everyone is looking for in business are:

  • TIME to take care of your clients
  • A SINGLE-STOP for all languages needs
  • SPEED on projects’ handover

Our experience throughout the years gives us the confidence to offer our explanation of the whole process and what are the important features making a difference.

What should be the clients’ experience when outsourcing a translation?

An efficient Project Management system makes things simple and the process from the clients’ point of view ideally looks like that:

  1. Client contacts the company
  2. The company handles the work
  3. Project returns to the client on time

Sounds easy, looks easy! So where is the catch, you might ask…

Here is what happens behind curtains after you actually hand over the project to a translation company:

Key essentials on Project Management in the translation industry

  1. Initial request from the client
  2. Quote given from Account Manager
  3. Project approved
  4. Registering the project in a specialized management system and send handover email to Project Manager (from Account Manager)
  5. Preparation of the files for translation (Optional AM/PM/DTP)
  6. Language Leaders assign the project to the appropriate linguists for each step.
  7. TR/ED/PR/PLP/DTP/Final QA (Project Manager is responsible for all these steps)
  8. Project Manager/Account Manager returns the files to the client.
  9. Questions and follow-ups from the client.
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The process differs to some extent in the various companies in the translation industry, so each LSP has its own way of management on each stage.

Tips & Tricks for successful project management

  • Fast response is a top priority, so get ready to answer 24/7
  • Clear pricing policy and quick quotes, especially when it comes to specific languages like Asian ones
  • Excellent preparation is a key element for a successful project
  • Choosing the right resources for the right project is a MUST, that is why a company with a large number of available in-house translators, carefully chosen by specialized language leaders is preferable to others
  • Being able to operate with various software makes you flexible, so learning the different CAT-tools is important and makes you stand-out
  • A standard always matters, so adoption of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 is a big advantage
  • Feedback is what makes a difference and turns a client into a partner


Keeping track on the translation process by following a straightforward frame and clear standards is fundamental when the main goal is a flawless translation service. The proper project management model is a key element for the successful handover of a project within a proper time frame.

At the end of the day, what makes us stand out is the user experience of our clients – flawless, effortless and right at your fingertips.