TOP 5 essentials on Social Marketing for translation companies

“How can a B2B company create a successful Social Media strategy to generate revenue and increase traffic?”

Long gone are the days when Social Media platforms were used only for personal communication and information sharing. Today, Social Media directly influences the practices and reputation of businesses and professionals alike, across various industries. What’s more, customers nowadays expect to be able to learn about and engage with brands efficiently online, making for a more personalized buying experience. Studies have showed that people have begun adopting a more purpose-driven behavior online, using Social Media for product and brand research. Social media, however, is not a tool that can only be utilized by B2C companies. In fact, 75% of B2B buyers point out that social media directly effects their decision-making process. Social media is seen as an effective tool in reducing the risk that comes with making purchases and it facilitates a higher degree of trust between a company and a buyer. Translation agencies, therefore, can benefit from optimizing their social media channels to attract new clients and establish a reputable image online. Whether you are an already established name in the translation industry or are just starting now, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by Social Media for attracting new buyers will help you scale up your business and establish a network of reliable business contacts.

Establish clear marketing objectives

The goal of every marketing strategy is to bring a return of investment and to contribute to the business’ growth, and social media marketing makes no exception. Regardless of your company’s size and track record, setting measurable and, most importantly, realistic goals for your social media marketing campaign is essential for achieving success. Deciding on whether you want to increase sales, generate new customers or increase brand awareness is the most important step, that will also determine the type of content you’d need to produce in order to achieve these goals.

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Focus on quality content

pic4What you post on social media will define the prospect customers’ perception of your brand and message. Before publishing any piece of content, ask yourself, what are you aiming to achieve with it? Do you want to provide new and valuable information, to educate and entertain, or are you just posting for the sake of keeping an active profile? There should be a clear purpose behind your activity on social media, as this would be the main point from which customers will try to learn more about what your company stands for. As the main objective for most B2B companies is to generate more leads through social media, think about the type of content that would make clients trust your business enough to be converted from a visitor to a client. Keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry and publish materials that would be relevant to your target audiences- establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and gain the trust of both prospect and existing customers.

Be active on the right platforms

Today, social media captures over 30% of the time digital consumers spend online. The challenge for businesses is to identify which are the platforms most frequently visited by their target customers. When it comes to B2B digital marketing, LinkedIn is the most frequently used online platform by marketers for distributing content, followed by Twitter and Facebook. The existence of a multitude of different networks can be overwhelming, and many businesses make the mistake of spreading themselves thin trying to post on every platform. However, this approach won’t give you the optimal results. At 1Stop-Asia, we recommend doing your research and focusing only on the most popular social media platforms amongst clients and experts in your area. This way you will save time and resources and will be able to concentrate your efforts on publishing content where it will be seen and appreciated.

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Encourage interactivity

pic5Good, memorable content is that which engages the audience and elicits some kind of response from them. Interactive content is not only informational, but it also provides a form of entertainment to your audiences, without them feeling directly targeted or being marketed at. The success of interactive content on social media, such as surveys, games, quizzes, can be measured by the number of shares and comments it generates. While this type of content is more time-consuming and expensive to produce, it gives results when it comes to attracting customers and investors and staying ahead of the competition.

Observe your competitors

The translation industry has become increasingly saturated, with numerous companies offering what appears to be the exact same service at different price points. Following your competitors on social media and keep an eye on their online activity, to gain an insight into their marketing strategy. Having the same target audience, you’ll be able to observe how customers respond to their social media marketing tactics and which ideas work better than others.

Translation companies looking to gain new customers or establish a reliable brand image online should take advantage of the social media platforms, which now offer a greater than ever opportunity to engage with customers. Hiring experienced translators and having a good track record is not enough to be an industry leader nowadays – being able to spread the word about your work and be proactive in facilitating new business connections is what makes a company successful, both online and in the real world.

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