The Art of Sales in the Language Industry (Webinar)

[October 9, 2023 – Plovdiv, BG] – In the dynamic landscape of language services, precision in communication is paramount. 1-StopAsia proudly introduces a webinar that transcends conventional boundaries, offering insights into the intricate art of sales and enriching experience led by our distinguished sales strategist, Sam Hardy.

Scheduled for October 25, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Central European Standard Time, “The Art of Sales in the Language Industry” epitomizes a unique blend of professional expertise and engaging discourse.

About the Webinar:

Sales in language services

Sam Hardy, a distinguished figure with years of hands-on practical sales experience, will lead the webinar. The focus will be on delivering clear and actionable sales advice tailored for the language services industry. Attendees can expect insights into selecting the right salesperson, optimizing the sales process, and mastering the steps of a sale from initiation to closure.

Whether you assume the role of a Project Manager, Account Manager, or steward the helm of a business, Sam’s insights pledge to redefine your approach to sales, introducing a level of finesse and professionalism that resonates with the caliber of 1-StopAsia.

To secure your participation, log in to your GALA Account. Members are granted full access, while non-members may partake in this enriching experience for a nominal fee of $75.