Transcreation and copywriting

“Sometimes “translation” is not good enough to transmit your message to the new market you want to expand in, and this is where “transcreation” comes into play.”

Transcreation stands for “translation + recreation” and what it does is adapting a specific message from one language to another. At the same time its style, meaning, and context should remain the same. Asian cultures in many aspects are different from the rest of the world. This often means that the literal translation of the original text is different as well.

The “natural habitat” of transcreation is advertising and marketing. That leads to the fact that it normally goes along with (moving) images. If you take the meaning of “red” as a warning sign in Western countries and compare it with its symbolic meaning in say, China, you get a glimpse of the changes that need to be made to get it right.

Our transcreators are chosen due to their great knowledge of both the source and target languages. Another feature which is of the essence is their knowledge and perception of the different cultures.


While transcreation is a creative translation based on the original writing, copywriting is a completely different thing. Copywriting requires completely re-writing the text so that it has a different story and meaning from the original. That is the reason why copywriters are different from translators and transcreators.

At 1-StopAsia, transcreating is the major part of the requests we receive. When it comes to copywriting we have limited capacity and experience in it. And when requested have in mind that copywriting will take more time the subjects or markets we translate for are carefully chosen by us.

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We, at 1-StopAsia, are aware that responsiveness and excellent project management are the essence when working within the translation industry.

If you feel it is time to improve your time-management and pay more attention to your clients, get in contact with our Production Team and check how we can help you achieve it.

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