Next Stop… Mexico! 1-StopAsia Joins the UnConference 2024

[January 22, 2024 – Los Angeles, CA, US] – We are thrilled to announce that 1-StopAsia will be actively participating in the upcoming UnConference taking place in Cancun, Mexico, from February 7th to 9th. Prepare for an unconventional conference experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

What is UnConference 2024?

Held annually, the UnConference distinguishes itself through engaging roundtable discussions, where attendees actively contribute to conversations on a variety of crucial topics. Representatives will be partaking in sessions covering HR/Operations, Advocacy, M&A, RFPs, Industry Trends, Technology, etc.

This dynamic format creates the perfect atmosphere for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaborative problem-solving, all in one place.

For more information feel free to visit the ALC UnConference 2024 website.

Meet Daniel Corona

Daniel Corona

Allow us to introduce Daniel Corona, our Mexican Office Manager, he is known for infusing order and creativity into our workspace, transforming challenges into stepping stones with a contagious smile.

As he eagerly anticipates his participation in the ALC UnConference in Cancun, Daniel shares his excitement: 

“I am thrilled to share that I’m beyond excited to attend the ALC UnConference in Cancun for the first time! 🌟 I’m ready for an incredible learning experience and what better way to do so than in my home country. This is an absolute pleasure for me.”

About 1-StopAsia

At 1-StopAsia, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our continuous effort to keep abreast of the latest developments. As a company deeply rooted in translation and localization, we subtly weave our industry insights into the fabric of our operations. By participating in events like the UnConference 2024, we ensure that our team is not only well-informed but actively contributing to the discourse shaping our industry’s future.