Radoslav Kalchev

Junior Account/Project Manager

Radoslav Kalchev

Meet Rado, a valuable member of our APM Team, bringing a wealth of experience from his time in the US. With a remarkable blend of resourcefulness, logical thinking, and exceptional multitasking skills, Rado approaches every challenge with a smile and a determination to excel.

Beyond his prowess in account and project management, Rado unveils a creative side during his free time, engaging in illustration projects that infuse an artistic flair into his work. His creative spirit not only enriches our team dynamics but also adds a unique dimension to his role.

Donning a big smile that instantly puts everyone at ease, Rado’s extensive experience in various martial arts might seem a bit intimidating if not for his warm and friendly demeanor. We’re fortunate to have Rado on board, contributing not only his professional expertise but also his vibrant creativity and positive energy to our collaborative environment.

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How many languages do you speak? Please write them in a list. Which is your mother tongue?

I speak Bulgarian (my mother language), English, and German (basics).

What is your favorite sport or hobby in your free time? Why is it so? Any interesting stories on it?

Passion for sports, such as martial arts and capoeira specifically. I draw and sell digital designs in my free time, enjoy good books, board games, puzzles, and strategy cooperative games.

Top 3 things we don’t know about you? Might be something funny, quirky or strange 🙂

  1. I am a proud owner of two Mongolian gerbils, who love to interrupt my e-meetings
  2. I wanted to become an archaeologist and discover Atlantis
  3. I have a tradition of watching The Lord of the Rings once every year

What was the most surprising thing you learned about Asia while working here?

One sentence in Chinese might be translated in 100 different ways, depending on the intonation.

Favorite book or a book that changed your mindset and why it did?

  1. Crime and Punishment (favorite)
  2. The Terra Papers (don’t ask)

Your most extreme experience so far in your life/biggest challenge in your life?

  1. Most extreme: Getting lost in the middle of the night in the dark alleys of Aswan (the most southern city in Egypt, next to Sudan)
  2. Biggest challenge: To keep my mind calm in all situations

Your top 3 goals in professional life for the next 10 years

  1. Finding meaning in my work and becoming family with my colleagues
  2. Creating a passive income mechanism that works on its own and my role is to only guide it
  3. Investing money into real estate