Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Every day, new technologies are created and some of them help the oil and gas industry grow even more internationally. Beyond the traditional players like Russia and the Middle East, the oil and gas industry is expanding to new locations around the world like Norway, Algeria, Greenland, Indonesia, and many other countries. With this expansion, of course, comes the absolute need for excellent communication and coordination between the departments all over the world. Thus, a stable and reliable partner is needed to do all the oil and gas translations that are required.

Most businesses find this form of translation difficult since it is highly technical and requires someone with prior expertise in the sector, as well as a thorough understanding of the terminology and subtleties of the industry. If the translator is dealing with legal documents for the oil and gas industry, for example, they must be knowledgeable with the rules and regulations that govern oil and gas leases, land ownership, royalties, and how contracts and agreements for drilling and pipeline installations operate. When the projects are in the millions to billions of dollars, a single mistake can have a snowball effect and result in significant losses.

The demand for oil and gas in Asia-Pacific continues to increase as the region experiences significant urbanization and industrialization. Currently, the area consumes around 25% of the world’s oil supply, 45 percent of coal, and 10% of natural gas.

Between 2019 and 2025, Southeast Asia will deploy a total of 54 oil and gas projects across six nations. They would account for around 223,000 barrels per day of world oil output when combined. Needless to say, the region is a hot spot for the oil and gas industry.

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