Machine Translation & MTPE

“Machine translation post-editing is the perfect combination of man and machine.”

We observe a certain division in the market when it comes to Machine Translation Services. Some of our partners prohibit any use of machine translation but others ask us at 1-StopAsia to use such for various reasons.

Since Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology is rapidly developing, it is obvious for our clients that it saves both time and money. Furthermore, it improves the productivity of a translator.

We are among the pioneers in Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) and we have knowledge and experience in many different areas of machine translation. From simple MTPE to building, training, and evaluation of MT engines – these are all parts of the knowledge we have in the field.

MTPE Machine translation

Does Machine Translation work with Asian languages?

The answer to this question doesn’t give us a straightforward yes or no.

It works when it comes to widespread and often used language and vocabulary but when it comes to low source languages or dialects it is not very accurate.

That is why machine translation is widely used as a basis of the actual translation and is usually followed by post-editing.

Machine Translation Post-Editing is the perfect combination of man and machine. The ideal process is to “train” the machine (i.e. “feed” it with accurate data) before starting the project. The better the data, the better the output.

Choose wisely between MT, MTPE, and Human Translation

Whether to use or not MT is a matter of priority for you and your client. If your client needs a huge volume delivered in a shorter time, then a wise solution might be to use machine translation and add a post-editing step in order to achieve the desired quality of the translation.
On the other hand, if you know that your client exclusively requires a specific tone of voice or the language should be adapted to a certain audience and carefully localized then you’d better recommend human translation, namely Translation Edition Proofreading (TEP).

AAnother benefit besides the shorter delivery period is the lower pricing. This is a service, which you can recommend to clients who have a limited budget or would prefer a lower price for the sake of quality.

Who benefits from MT and MTPE

  • Clients with big projects with short deadlines
  • Companies who invested in their own MT engine – they do the MT in-house and use external Post Editing service
  • Post Editing part can be two types – light post-editing and full post-editing, depending on the quality the client needs

We, at 1-StopAsia, are among the pioneers of using and creating MT. Our company has been asked to create the “Corpus” for MT in the past. It consists of the source translations, which are used to build the rear Asian languages engines.

Currently, we are fitting our services to our partner’s demand, so all you need to do is send us your inquiry, and we will recommend the solution for your exact request.

Here is why to work with 1-StopAsia:

We give you time to take care of your clients

We are a single-stop for all Asian languages

We keep up with your projects’ handover


We, at 1-StopAsia, are aware that responsiveness and excellent project management are the essence when working within the translation industry.

If you feel it is time to improve your time-management and pay more attention to your clients, get in contact with our Production Team and check how we can help you achieve it.

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