Karen He

Accounting Team Leader

Karen He
Karen stands out as a highly qualified specialist, with her educational background in the UK laying a strong foundation for her comprehensive understanding of both EU and US accounting regulations. She is exceptionally well-organized, a trait that consistently shines through in her work. Karen isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone, continually embracing new challenges and opportunities for growth, which further enhances her expertise and contributions to our team.

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How many languages do you speak? Please write them in a list. Which is your mother tongue?

I speak two languages – Chinese (I’m a native speaker) and English.

What is your favorite sport or hobby in your free time? Why is it so? Any interesting stories on it?

My favorite activities are spending time on social media like TikTok, playing games, and watching series. Sometimes I hang out with my friends, it makes me relax.

Top 3 things we don’t know about you? Might be something funny, quirky or strange 🙂

  1. I am a night person, which means I hate getting up early 🙂
  2. I can’t resist all furry bear toys
  3. I could not stand on any stairs out of a building (like fire escapes), I am scared of heights

What was the most surprising thing you learned about Asia while working here?

Many things in work/lift may seem insurmountable until we actually achieve them step by step. That is changing me to take up the challenges with a more positive attitude.

Favorite book or a book that changed your mindset and why it did?

My favorite books are swordsmen stories. That brought me every interesting winter and summer vacation during the middle/high school period.

Your most extreme experience so far in your life/biggest challenge in your life?

Maybe it was in my first year of study abroad – a totally different culture and lifestyle, new environment, language limitation, and being far away from my parents…

Your top 3 goals in professional life for the next 10 years

  1. To be more experienced and professional
  2. Never stop improving myself and stepping out of my comfort zone
  3. To get better at time management