Jack Yu

Project Manager

Jack Yu
Jack, a seasoned professional in the translation industry, boasts an impressive 15-year career. At 1-StopAsia, he plays a pivotal role in project management and post-project evaluation, among other responsibilities. His extensive familiarity with both American and European clients has enabled him to cultivate strong working relationships, making him a key asset in bridging our services with a diverse range of customers.

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How many languages do you speak? Please write them in a list. Which is your mother tongue?

I speak Chinese and English. Chinese is my mother tongue.

What is your favorite sport or hobby in your free time? Why is it so? Any interesting stories on it?

I like playing football and surfing TikTok. But, when I was in high school, I broke my leg when playing football, which is a sad story. Through TikTok, I can keep up with all the major events happening in the world and watch highlights of football matches.

Top 3 things we don’t know about you? Might be something funny, quirky or strange 🙂

  • I am good at cooking, and the food I cook is very delicious
  • I know how to farm, and I spent my childhood in the countryside
  • I am very afraid of snakes and dogs

What was the most surprising thing you learned about Asia while working here?

There are many kinds of Hmong language, and different Hmong languages are spoken in different places. Also, there are many rare languages in Asia that I didn’t know before.

Favorite book or a book that changed your mindset and why it did?

I like reading “Journey to the West”. I like the characters in it and the storyline is very exciting. It is one of China’s four great classics.

Your most extreme experience so far in your life/biggest challenge in your life?

I think the most difficult period for me was during the COVID years, and I really didn’t want to go through it again.

Your top 3 goals in professional life for the next 10 years

  1. First of all, as a project manager, I hope to do my job well in the next ten years. Learn various knowledge related to the translation industry
  2. I am also very interested in becoming a translator, so I will work hard to become an excellent translator
  3. Improve work efficiency and explore working styles and methods, such as remote office, smart office, etc