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1-StopAsia is a global leader in Asian Language Translation services. Founded in 1998, we have encouraged and supported our employees on their personal and professional growth by creating a comfortable atmosphere where they can freely express their ideas. We are looking for someone who can share in our vision for a better workplace, embody our core values, and play a key role in our company’s growth.

We offer flexible working hours that fit your daily schedule and guaranteed income that enables you to focus on producing quality work. Besides working on projects from Fortune 500 companies, you will also have the opportunity to learn new techniques and receive feedback from our seasoned language leaders. Come be a part of our positive energy multi-national team!


  • The role consists of translating, revising, editing or checking documents according to the instructions set out in the POs sent by Project Managers, using the required tools and resources.
  • A Translator translates complex and demanding jobs in several different subject areas and has potentially specialized in certain subject fields. The quality of their work is such that it can be delivered to the client without revision. They adhere to 1-StopAsia’s language guidelines and deliver work on time.
  • A Translator is able to locate instructions for and work with all of 1-StopAsia’s required CAT tools independently. He/she revises all other translators’ work in their language team, both in-house and freelance translators, giving them factual and constructive feedback.
  • A Translator can be expected to translate at least 2,000 words a day, resulting in quality that takes a colleague no longer than one hour to revise 1,500 words.
  • A Translator identifies potential issues, considers themselves logically and uses available information to find solutions. He/she is not satisfied with mediocre results but proactive in seeking opportunities to add value.


  • Home-based remote job.


  • Ability to use computers and use/learn how to use software applications e.g. CAT tools, QA tools, and MT editing environments.
  • Good keyboard skills (typing and shortcuts).
  • Good skills in MS office applications – MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to get a basic understanding of the different subject areas the translation covers fairly quickly and to find more information about the subjects.
  • Ability to produce the required translation quality independently.
  • Ability to organize and manage own workload.
  • Ability to cooperate and communicate with colleagues.
  • Ability to cope with time-related stress.
  • Since this is a remote job, you can work from any place.


Free training for CAT tools, QA tools, and MT editing.

Free training for technical translation and editing.

Corrections and feedback on the translations by experienced Senior translators.


  • EN<>Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese(medical, marketing, technical fields)
  • EN<>Korean
  • EN<>Japanese(medical, marketing, technical fields)
  • EN<>Hmong
  • EN<>Lao
  • EN<>Thai
  • DE<>Simplified Chinese(medical, marketing, technical fields)
  • DE<>Korean
  • DE<>Japanese
  • US or UK EN native for SC>EN(engineering or technical fields)

* When applying for the position, please state your language pairs and specialized areas in the “Cover Letter” field in the contact form on the right. Make sure to attach your English resume in it and your message will be sent directly to our Resource Department.

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