Claudia Lagos

Junior Account/Project Manager

Claudia Lagos

Say hello to Claudia, the heart and soul of kindness on our team. With a heart that thinks about everyone, Claudia is the caring force that keeps our team in sync. Not only is she never late, but she’s also the guardian of our planet, showing love for Mother Earth in everything she does.

Claudia’s nurturing nature goes beyond the office walls – she embodies a motherly sense of responsibility, taking care of everyone around her. Whether it’s ensuring our projects run smoothly or actively contributing to a greener world, Claudia’s dedication is unwavering.

In addition to her incredible kindness and environmental consciousness, Claudia takes her job seriously. Her professionalism and commitment shine through in every task she undertakes. If you’re looking for someone with a heart as big as her commitment to the environment and a professional drive that’s second to none, Claudia is the one. Let’s celebrate her kindness, punctuality, and her beautiful way of taking care of our team and our planet!

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How many languages do you speak? Please write them in a list. Which is your mother tongue?

My mother tongue is Spanish and I speak English.

What is your favorite sport or hobby in your free time? Why is it so? Any interesting stories on it?

My favorite hobby is to spend time with my family in the outdoors, hiking, camping, going to the beach, you name it. My favorite sports are golf and swimming.

I used to be a competitive swimmer. When I was growing up, my family and I used to swim a marathon in Acapulco from one beach to a little Island and back. It was kind of a family tradition. We used to escort each other in kayaks during the competition. It was a lot of fun.

Top 3 things we don’t know about you? Might be something funny, quirky or strange 🙂

  1. I went to college in Florida with a golf scholarship.
  2. I like to work listening to old music, the kind of music my parents used to listen to when I was growing up…. Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Chicago… that kind of thing. There is something about the melodies that keeps me in a good mood.
  3. I color-code everything in my life. It is easier for me to get organized and I remember things better that way.

What was the most surprising thing you learned about Asia while working here?

I have learned that you can’t really put Asians into one group of people because the cultures are so diverse and unique. All Asian cultures are full of rich history and traditions. I really want to keep learning more and hopefully get to visit sometime in the near future.

Also, in my first week at the company I tried Korean food for the first time, other than ramen and kimchi. It’s already become one of my favorites. I was amazed at the mixture of flavors and spices and how healthy it is.

Favorite book or a book that changed your mindset and why it did?

It would be impossible for me to choose one favorite. I most recently read The Midnight Library by Mat Haig. The book talks about Nora who discovers a library filled with books that tell her story in another reality … What if she followed a different career path, undo an old breakup, realized old dreams, and so on.

I am not a “what could have been” type of person but I really enjoyed reading this book. It definitely made me self-reflect and take a closer look at my own life and what is truly fulfilling and how the choices we make every day shape our lives.

Your most extreme experience so far in your life/biggest challenge in your life?

I moved to the US by myself when I was 17 years old to attend college. All my family stayed back in Mеxico. I didn’t know anybody in the whole state of Florida.

I grew up being very close to everyone in my family and my community so it was like starting a new life. It ended up being an amazing experience. I made really good friends from all over the world and ended up living in Florida for 9 years.

Your top 3 goals in professional life for the next 10 years

  1. Obtain higher credentials, take on bigger responsibilities, and obtain a leadership position within 1-StopAsia.
  2. Contribute to 1-StopAsia’s long-lasting growth and success.
  3. Become a mentor to other women.