Chudomir Pehlivanov

Chief Technology Officer

Chudomir Pehlivanov

Chudomir is immediately recognizable for his unwavering positive attitude and deep understanding, traits that shine through distinctly in the interview featured below. Engaged in one of the most intricate departments of our industry, his expertise is anchored in his ability to pose incisive questions, demonstrate exceptional organizational skills, and listen attentively to others.

Conversations with Chudomir are captivating and diverse. One can easily find themselves engrossed in philosophical debates or listening intently to his latest adventures. Whether it’s recounting the thrill of kayaking down a challenging river, sharing experiences from mountain backpacking expeditions, or organizing a competition for children, Chudomir’s stories are not only engaging but also reflect his multifaceted personality and interests. His ability to weave these experiences into meaningful dialogues is a testament to his unique perspective and approach to both work and life.

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How many languages do you speak? Please write them in a list. Which is your mother tongue?

My mother tongue is the Bulgarian language and I speak English as well. I understand the Russian language as a reader and listener and cannot speak it due to a lack of practice.

What is your favorite sport or hobby in your free time? Why is it so? Any interesting stories on it?

My favorite hobby is training myself to be a better person to myself and to everybody else. To make things in a conscious way, to ask myself “Is it good for me and for everybody else?”, refines all my actions. This makes me happy and I believe that it brings value to all of the surrounding worlds and not only.

Top 3 things we don’t know about you? Might be something funny, quirky or strange 🙂

  1. I love everybody
  2. I love eating
  3. I love to sleep

What was the most surprising thing you learned about Asia while working here?

Same people, different area.

Favorite book or a book that changed your mindset and why it did?

There are two books that made me think and see life in a different way. When I was studying for my bachelor’s degree, I borrowed from a friend of mine a book by Chuck Norris The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story and later on, when I became a little bit older, I found the book by Lama Ole Nydahl The Way Things Are: A Living Approach to Buddhism for Today’s World.

Your most extreme experience so far in your life/biggest challenge in your life?

To educate myself. It is the most expensive in terms of time and effort experience which I ever have and it is a never-ending story.

Your top 3 goals in professional life for the next 10 years

  1. Do your best
  2. Do your best
  3. Do your best