A year in 1-StopAsia – PART 1

Looking over the last year I think I can publish a book with the experiences and situations that I had in the company.

Better start at the beginning as a wise man once said.

 Application process

The application process is as easy as it gets. I applied with my CV and cover letter and I was contacted after a week for an interview. Here I want to note that I really paid attention to my CV – it was updated, with the most important and honest information in it. Before applying I read the job aid and I checked the company profile. Since the Bulgarian office was new back then, I couldn’t find a lot of information about it and its employees but the information that I could was well structured and it left a good impression on my mind. So I applied and waited in anticipation for the local HR to call me. I remember that the day in which I received the call I was busy and tired but they sure made my day with the interview invitation.


The first interview

My first interview was on the day after Easter, it was an unusually hot day, bright and sunny in Plovdiv, you may call me superstitious but I took this as a good sign, now more than a year later I can definitely say that it is.

I found the office pretty easy and I did my best to calm myself down. The interview was led by the HR Manager then. It was about an hour long and it was separated in three stages:

–              My experience and my motivation to apply at the company (here I decided it’s the best moment to insert my knowledge of the company history and culture, also, I used the moment to ask questions regarding the company and working conditions)

–  The second part was a short preview from the HR regarding the company and its business, thanks to my preparation it didn’t take much :)

–  Last part was in English so they could test my language proficiency, they asked questions regarding my interests and hobbies, also, they asked to give them some cases that I had in my previous occupations

Also, I met the current Office Manager and I took an immediate liking to her and also to the other employees. The office environment was chill and people were calm and exchanging jokes in the break room. I knew right then that I want to work for this company.

The interview ended with a promise for a feedback in 3 days’ time. I received it the next day and also, I had to do a task so they can examine my abilities. I forgot to explain that I applied for Project Manager position but the HR said that even though I answer to the PM profile I will be better suited for the Trainer position which they just published. She asked if I am interested and I confirmed. I was surprised that a company took the time to check my professional experience and strengths and they decided to offer me a better-suited position for the skills I have. So, my recruiting process changed from PM to Trainer, the task was to create a manual for Gmail signature. On first sight an easy one but over the years I know that the easy tasks are mostly overlooked. So I took my time and did the best possible manual (after I was hired the HR and Office Manager shared with me that they liked my attention to the detail and that I send them something which can be implemented immediately)

The second interview

Obviously, my task was successful so a few days after I sent it I received an invitation for a second interview. And here comes the surprise!

I arrived at the office on time and I was asked to wait a few minutes and later invited to one of the meeting rooms. Then imagine my surprise when Mr Don Shin himself was sitting in front of me. For a few short seconds I froze but in the end, I summoned my courage and told myself that there is nothing to lose only to win.

The interview was interesting it was with Mr Shin and the Office Manager, the questions were more related to my experience and milestones that I overcame in the past. Being myself I shared them with a pinch of humor, there is nothing wrong to share weaknesses and the ability to overcome them.

Also, I took the time to ask my questions regarding work conditions, type of contracts, remuneration package and etc. All were answered and I liked the answers.

The final result

Three days after the second interview took place I received an offer from the company which I accepted. I needed three weeks to leave my previous company and to prepare my documents. During the whole process, I received full support from the Office Manager and we were in continuous communication.

The three weeks passed quickly and I officially joined the company on the 22nd of May 2017. My first day was interesting and quite funny but I will tell you about it in the next part :)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     To be continued….

Author: Katya Danova

1-StopAsia Resource Manager

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