Asian Languages Translation - As Simple As It Gets

Dear reader,

Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful journey—one we invite you to take with us. It is the one we experience during our daily routines—one that includes cultural differences, language barriers, and different perceptions. But that is not all...

True to our long-term commitment to bridge the gap between the East and the West, we’ve chosen to create a book on Asian languages and their translation. We want to show you the essence: the slight differences and subtle nuances of culture and language which are not limited to only the proper use of vocabulary and grammar. We believe this knowledge and understanding is essential when it comes to a skillful translation and that it helps us be better at what we do. That is why we are sharing it with you through the pages of this book.

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What will you get from this book?

Professional Advice

Practical tips, guidelines, and other knowledge, which you can use in your daily routine while working with Asian languages.

Translation Insights

We are sharing our best translation practices with examples from our expert linguists who are one of the reasons for our company’s success.

Project Management

Direct hands-on experience in project management along with useful advice on handling the translation process.

Desktop Publishing

Essential knowledge about the formatting, typography, and desktop publishing for specifically chosen Asian languages.

Facts & Figures

Summarized information on some of the most popular and widespread Asian languages necessary for proper handling of translation

Cultural Differences

A deeper dive into the cultures of Asian countries and the subtle differences that may affect a professional translation.

What’s Included

In this book, we’ve gathered comprehensive information about Asian languages and their translation. We’ve dug deeper than the standard facts about each (but not all) of the languages we work with, and we’ve tried to make a compilation of facts and additional know-how that only practice can give you.

You’ll find tips and tricks on how to work with them, specifics on desktop publishing, and formatting and even advice on how to handle the project management and quotation process. All of the above are structured and easy to understand.

Who this book is for

We’ve created this book as a guide to Asian languages for other translation companies, while at the same time making it simple enough for non-translation companies to pick up, read, and utilize as well.

Whether you’re a Project Manager, a Company Leader, or an Owner of a Translation Agency, this book will equip you with the background and skills to improve your performance—to better lead, grow, and advance yourself and your team to a higher level of productivity, skills, and ultimate service quality.

Our goal is to not only educate you but to equip you with the proper tools on your journey to wherever you’re headed in business.

Authors & Contributors

We are presenting the people who made this book come to life. It is truly important for us that it is a product of the cooperative people from so many sides of the world.

Gergana Toleva

Gergana Toleva

She’s probably one of our most active colleagues. This goes for both inside the office and outside of it. For over 3 years now Gergana has been one of the driving forces in 1-StopAsia and one of the main reasons for the current book to come to life. She uses her years of experience in sales and marketing to keep 1-StopAsia ahead of the game. The knowledge she has comes from working for some of the biggest corporations in the world.

In her free time, she does paragliding, trail running, mountain biking, and reading books. Another passion of hers is creating handmade jewelry, which she does when inspiration strikes.

Don Shin

Don Shin

“The idea behind this book existed long before it became a reality. Each reader will find different value in it but its main role, however, is to inspire others in the industry. To become a starting point in sharing knowledge and experience, so we can leave a legacy for the future professionals to come.”

Don is the founder of 1-StopAsia, which got started more than 20 years ago. He’s truly dedicated to his dream and he’s very much involved in the management of the company. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Korean Language & Literature from Busan University. After working as a translator and interpreter for the US Army, he set up his small translation business in 1995.

Enitsa Koeva

Enitsa Koeva

The first thing one will notice about her is her smile and your first impression might be that she is an introvert but that is not entirely true. Once you get to know Enny, she is a fun and easy-going person and probably one of the most devoted colleagues in our team. She’s an avid bookworm and animal lover.

One can easily recognize her skills as a graphic designer throughout most of our materials. She has an engineering degree in Printing Technologies and a master’s degree in Graphic Design under her belt and has been working on the visual representation of 1-StopAsia for more than 2 years now. If it wasn’t for her previous printing and publishing experience, this book wouldn’t have been possible.

Parker Smith

Wendy Liu (刘朝阳)

Aeryon Yang

Nagisa Tahakashi

Stacy Lee

Keith-krishanon SOOKSUD

Trang Dang

Hanna Na

Anne Tajon

Alisa Jin (金英兰)

Tissana Wateesatogkij

Coco Zhang (张爽)

Amy Park

Katya Danova

Yana Dinchiyska

Kiril Kulev

Livia Long

About the Authors

This book is the result of the combined efforts of a team of many people. However, the idea behind it belongs to the CEO of 1-StopAsia - Don Shin. Taking it to heart, part of the current marketing team of the company started working on it as one of its main goals. Gergana Toleva (Global Marketing Manager) and Enitsa Koeva (Graphic Designer) were researching, combining, designing and writing, testing and so much more in an effort to make this book happen. After more than 2 years of hard work and many other people from our company being involved, the book Asian Languages Translation - As Simple as it Gets has finally become a reality.

1-StopAsia is a company with over 20 years of history and one of its main goals is not only to deliver translation services but also to be an ambassador between the East and the West.

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