Translators must master the strong regional differences in Vietnamese between the language used in the South and North of the country.


VietnameseIn the 1960s, the average VIETNAMESE mother had 6.4 children. Add this fact to Vietnam’s fast-growing economy of 7 to 8% per year and you’ll understand why Vietnamese is becoming more and more important on the language market.

The Vietnamese writing system

Vietnamese was originally written with characters based on Chinese characters, but in the beginning of the 20th century a Latin-based alphabet was declared the official writing system. Since Vietnamese is a tonal language, it makes extensive use of diacritics to differentiate the different tones. Although many bugs have been fixed, some CAT tools and DTP tools still allow the diacritical marks to be lost or broken. This means that our Vietnamese translators, editors, and proofreaders must be equipped with special utilities and equipment to be able to work with the language.

Translation specifics

Translators must master the strong regional differences in Vietnamese between the language used in the south and north of the country. With the history of war between the regions, these subtle differences in tone can escalate to cause a serious political or emotional backfire. Vietnamese is also spoken in overseas Vietnamese communities, especially in the United States, where it is the third-most-spoken Asian language with over 1.2 million speakers, according to the 2007 American Community Survey (ACS).

How 1-StopAsia works?

1-StopAsia’s native Vietnamese translators have the necessary expertise to process the language correctly and find the right tone for your translation. Our rigorous quality assurance procedure ensures that your translation is translated and reviewed by a native Vietnamese translator with a specific subject-matter specialty before it is proofread by a second translator. This guarantees that every detail of the document is checked, double-checked, and quality ensured.


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