Todor Stoyanov

1. How did you cross paths with 1-StopAsia? And tell us how you got started.

I heard for 1-StopAsia from few friends who working there, so I said why not to give a try. Every interview I had was more than fun with so many different questions.

2. What were your initial thoughts about the language industry before you started? And what are your thoughts now?

At the start I didn’t realize that the language industry can be so cool and useful. Now I can tell that this is one of the most interesting jobs I had and still have and enjoy it on 100%.


3. What do you love the most about your job?

I love my colleagues, my team, even my clients (but don’t tell them). The atmosphere (environment) in the office is enjoyable.


4. How would you describe 1-StopAsia to an outsider?

I will copy a song’s lyrics for this question: “She’s like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, vicodin. She’s my addiction.”


5. What advice would you give to candidates who want to join our company?

The advice will be to enjoy the time spent at the office and the drinking day is Friday.