Samuil Mihov

1. How did you cross paths with 1-StopAsia? And tell us how you got started.

I was referred by my current team leader Antoni Yordanov. I learned about 1-StopAsia from him and what got my interest was how highly he spoke of the company.

Something that pleasantly surprised me as he is a critic my nature.


2. What were your initial thoughts about the language industry before you started? And what are your thoughts now?

I had no clue how interesting, complicated and challenging (in a good way) is the language industry. I believe that I have a place in this industry and I would love to continue my development in it in the long term.


3. What do you love the most about your job?

My outstanding Bulgarian colleagues! I never dreamt for a greater team that the one I am currently a part of.


4. How would you describe 1-StopAsia to an outsider?

The place you want to be if you are young, smart and want to develop yourself professionally.


5. What advice would you give to candidates who want to join our company?

Be yourself. Do not create fake personas towards your colleagues or clients. Don’t get overwhelmed by occasional issues. Most of the time those issues are easily fixable and the fault isn’t coming from 1-StopAsia’s side.