Media services


1-StopMedia is the screen translation and post-production branch of  our translation company 1-StopAsia. 1-StopMedia operates with experienced and passionate screen translation teams along with a post-production team for movies, dramas, and documentary films.  Each team is committed to fulfilling quality screen translations and post-productions. They all works together in order to deliver the best content out there.

We have three main features that we try to improve all the time:


The experienced translation and production teams are committed to working on our clients’ contents.


1-StopMedia provides a natural and fluent translation service taking into account the content’s genre and target country.  


1-StopMedia provides translation and post-production services that are customized for various media such as TV, film, and IPTV.

Below is a shortlist list of all our available services for the Media Industry:

Screen Translation

  • Subtitle Translation
  • Dubbing Translation
  • Documents Translation
  • (Synopsis, Script, etc)


  • Subtitle Design and Burn-in
  • Dubbing and M/E Separation
  • Promotion Video Production
  • for FilmMarkets

Video Editing and Re-Production

  • Re-Production
  • (Screener, Trailer, etc.)
  • Mastering
  • Format Conversion

Film Market Package

  • Leaflet Design and Printing
  • Poster Resizing
  • Banner Design and Printing
  • (or Creating and Printing)

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