The Korean writing system called “Hangul” is created in the fifteenth century by a team of royal linguists, the system can make almost any sound with 24 alphabetic characters.


KoreanWith the rapid development of Korea’s economy, KOREAN is becoming a more and more important language in the IT, patent, legal and medical fields.

Writing in Korean is a true pleasure – simple and logical

The Korean writing system is one of the first and most scientifically ‘invented’ phonetic systems. Created in the fifteenth century by a team of royal linguists, the system can make almost any sound with just 24 alphabetic characters. Thus, in contrast to other Asian languages such as Japanese or Chinese, many English words used in Korean almost retain their original pronunciations.

Translation, however still has its specifics

Each language has specific translation issues that need to be determined before any text can be translated. In Korean translations, one of the first issues clients need to understand is the Korean language’s very sophisticated honorific system.

This system expresses itself in a number of levels of forms of address as well as pronouns and even verb forms. Gauging the intent of the text and the position of the recipient is crucial to the success of the translation, though this is often hidden or unknown in the European source languages.

How 1-StopAsia works?

1-StopAsia’s in-country translators have the necessary expertise to process any text and put it into the right cultural context. Our rigorous quality assurance procedure ensures that your translation is translated and reviewed by a native Korean translator with a specific subject-matter specialty before it is proofread by a second translator. This guarantees that every detail of the document is checked, double-checked, and quality ensured.


We, at 1-StopAsia, are aware that responsiveness and excellent project management are the essence when working within the translation industry.

If you feel it is time to improve your time-management and pay more attention to your clients, get in contact with our Production Team and check how we can help you achieve it.

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