“We want to be the go-to partner when it comes to Asian languages in the translation industry.”

Freelancer Requirements

FreelancersWhat to Expect – You’ll be regularly working within a professional environment, translating different types of texts and working with teams all around the world.

What We Search for – Reliable translators and vendor companies. We believe that partnerships are built on trust and open communication, and that’s what we desire to have.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the application
  2. One of our Resource Managers will contact you
  3. You have to do a test translation if it’s successful you will go on the next step
  4. Negotiate terms and conditions for rates and your availability with the Resource Manager
  5. After everything is settled down we will register you in our database
  6. Online training – either online or on-site, the training will give you better understanding regarding our workflow and what to expect. Also, we provide CAT tools training for those who don’t have experience with them.