As Asian specialists, 1-StopAsia has the capability to work with a wide range of Subject Areas. We have a large number of translators in our database (both in-house and freelance), each with their own specific set of skills and experience. In order to ensure success, our project managers will consult the opinions of our language leaders and vendor managers before selecting the right translators and editors for each project.

  • IT (21%)


  • MEDICAL (14%)

  • TRAVEL (13%)

  • FINANCIAL (10%)



  • LEGAL (5%)

  • OTHER (4%)




With the world economy’s constant push toward becoming both more global and more technologically focused, quality translations have become a central component of a business’s success in today’s IT industry. Additionally, international collaboration is a frequent and particularly lucrative feature of the IT industry today. Whether your goal is providing existing IT services in a plethora of languages, streamlining a particular piece of software for use in a new market, or even innovative, multilingual project development, our experienced translators have a vast knowledge of technological terminology as well as the marketing side of the IT industry and can help you realize your vision.




In today’s global economy, new international financial opportunities present themselves every day. Accommodating customers who speak a wide variety of languages has thus become crucial for banks and financial institutions that wish to seize such opportunities and expand their presence in markets both familiar and new. We offer fast, accurate, and reliable expert translation services for financial documents ranging from expense statements and market reports all the way to important contracts, licensing agreements, and financial regulatory legislation.



Manufacturing is an indispensable part of any economy, and translation frequently plays a very prominent role in its success. Our expert translators are knowledgeable in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, including automotive and industrial manufacturing, the manufacture of consumer goods, medical equipment and even computer hardware. We work with manufacturers to translate technical instruction manuals, patents, legal documents, and more. Our experience has given us an understanding of the importance of precision, efficiency, and reliability when it comes to assembling successful translations for our many clients in the manufacturing industry.


Expansion into new markets in the automotive industry holds the potential for enormous economic gain. Our translations can help information about your products reach potential new car buyers as well as assist with your international manufacturing and distribution operations. Whether your project is advertising or operations-related, the breadth of our past experience with prominent automotive companies has given us an astute understanding of how translation can favorably impact a particular vehicle’s chances for success and a company’s potential for profit.


Serving a wide and diverse client base is often of crucial importance in the medical and healthcare industries. Providing forms in a variety of languages and communicating medical information internationally without concern for language barriers increases efficiency, patient satisfaction, and even profits at many hospitals and medical institutions. Instructions for medical devices in use all over the world also demand precise, faithful translation. Our specialists in medical and healthcare industry translations are sensitive to the necessity of accuracy and speed when working with medical industry professionals and are happy to help broaden your institution’s reach across linguistic boundaries.



Accuracy is paramount when performing translations intended for legal purposes. The usefulness of a legal translation depends on its precision and how well it fits into the targeted legal context. A thorough knowledge of the vocabulary unique to a particular country’s legal system is crucial in providing a legal translation that can correctly and smoothly serve its purpose. We offer specialist legal translation services for a wide variety of categories, including legislative documents, court documents, licenses, and various forms of personal documentation.


Education serves as a gateway to success and prosperity in life, not only economically but also in terms of personal development and growth. Economic and academic globalization has increased the necessity and demand for scholastic writing in a great variety of languages. We offer translation services for the full range of educational materials, from those intended for young children all the way to academic papers intended for peer review and eventual publication in scholarly journals. We will work with you to help bring a faithful representation of your lessons, academic analyses, or the results of your research to an audience on the global stage in a polished and articulate form worthy of study and citation.


The very nature of the travel and hospitality industry makes travel and hospitality professionals particularly attuned to the need for high-quality translations when working with clients from abroad. Hotels, airlines, and travel agencies must all strive to accommodate their clients’ various language needs, and we have many years of experience helping hundreds of clients achieve just that. We offer expert translation of documentation, invoices, brochures, tickets, and other essentials that will help your travel and hospitality business and services reach the global audience you seek.


A translation’s quality can often dictate the success or failure of a product or service in a market beyond its origin. The great diversity of languages in today’s global society offers businesses numerous advertising and marketing opportunities. Expanding product or service distribution across national and linguistic boarders can seem like a daunting undertaking, but we can help. Our expert translators specializing in marketing and advertising take into account the unique cultural characteristics of your target market and work with you to craft a translation that maximizes the chances of your product or service’s success.


The appreciation of good entertainment should not be limited by cultural or linguistic boundaries. The translation and localization of entertainment media requires an acute sensitivity both to the source material and its intended audience, whether the medium is theatrical, literary, or even interactive. We take special care to thoroughly consider matters of demographics as well as the various intricacies of the source material to create popular media translations that are readily understandable by their target audiences while at the same time retaining a high degree of faithfulness to the original.


The law often dictates that a plethora of governmental forms and documents must be offered in a wide variety of languages. Our many years of experience working with government clients attests to our competence in providing accurate, quality translations for official governmental use. Our services have been utilized and appreciated by many government agencies functioning at the local, state, and even federal level, and our translators possess a solid understanding of the various legal necessities of such work.