2014 ALC conferenceBeing a part of the language industry means attending the latest conferences and this year’s ALC conference was quite the experience. This year was not only the perfect opportunity to learn, network and exchange ideas with fellow professionals; but to launch our new logo and website! 1-Stop Translation now 1-StopAsia is delighted to have had the chance to exhibit at this year’s ALC Conference.
The conference was held in the serene city of Palm Springs, California from May 18th – 21st. A preferred place for relaxation and tranquility, Palm Springs was the perfect destination for high-value networking and face-to-face opportunities. This year, we were represented by CEO and Founder, Don Shin and Marketing Associate, Tony Kim.
After a stream of gratifying sessions filled with educational content, meetings, activities, exhibits, discussions everyone is left asking, “What did you enjoy most about this year’s ALC conference?”
The conference enabled the attendees an ample opportunity to interact, socialize and become more familiarized with one another. It was also great because it gave you the chance to really engage in conversations with the people you just met for the first time after only corresponding indirectly over time. By the same token, it was very fun to host the Asian Trivia Game at our booth as people left more enlightened about the continent we represent as a comprehensive Asian language service provider,” commented Marketing Associate, Tony Kim.
For those of you who visited our booth, thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed your gift. For those of you that weren’t able to make it we hope to see you in Nashville next year! Please enjoy these photos and for additional information, please visit 2014 ALC Conference.