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The Machines. Hearing that phrase, I can’t help but to think about sci-fi movies like, The Terminator and I, Robot. I also can’t help but to wonder how far away we really are from seeing Artificial Intelligence advance to the state that they’re at in these movies. This year at the 2019 GALA Conference which will be held in Munich, set to kick-off from March 24 – 27, this will be one of the topics discussed at the event.

Now while Machines in relation to how it will be spoken about at this conference will obviously be related to the translation industry, and where it will leave humans once AI technology does advance to the point where the need for human translation could be somewhat questionable—it really does make you at least consider that maybe someday we might actually see robots working in the translation industry instead of humans. Think about it and ask yourself:

–How far away are we really from possibly seeing this happen?

–How will it affect the translation industry as a whole, and also other industries that collaborate and do business with translation companies?

Our point of view

First and foremost, we acknowledge and respect that AI will go far in its advancement and do great things for business productivity and profits. But at the same time, we also believe that it certainly has a long way to go. Increasing the effectiveness of human translation, for now, should definitely stay a key goal for translation businesses of today. To bet too soon and too much on AI and neglect what’s already working would be a reckless decision for business. Making sure you get the most out of what’s currently working for your company is what will elevate it to the next level and guarantee it a more secure and promising future.

About this year’s GALA

The theme of this year’s conference is, “The Language of Business, The Business of Language.” And besides many other interesting topics concerning AI that’ll be discussed at this event, some of the others include:

–Human Responses to a Changing Industry
–Innovation in Translation Sales
–The Need for Translators Who Are Domain Experts
…And other topics related to the theme of the event

This year, our General Manager for Europe, Yana Dinchiyska, will be attending this conference. She is very excited for the opportunity to be there and really looks forward to what she will learn and bring back from it. If you would like to meet her, you can book a meeting via email: . Upon her return, we will be doing another article on her experience there and her thoughts and opinions on some of the topics discussed.

Written by: Joshua Hector

1-StopAsia Marketing Team

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