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We start the year with an UNConference in January

This month, on January 17th, at the Pasea Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach California, the 2019 ACL UNConference Event will kickoff. The event will be held for 2 days – with it ending on January 19th. In order to give it a more intimate touch, the facilitators have purposely limited the number of people allowed to attend. Our colleague from US Headquarters of 1-StopAsia’s – Ian Shin, will be attending the event.

About the UNConference

While the UNConference will have no speakers or presentations, there will be a panel discussion about Worker Reclassification, which will be held on the very first day. As a short refresher, Worker Reclassification simply refers to the changing of a workers’ job or position, which could be for a number of reasons such as:

– The filling of a vacant position

– Moving the worker to a different position to better suit the needs of the company

– Or when the employee is no longer suitable for their current position due to an increase or growth in their personal skills and abilities—which would then qualify them for a higher position

In a way, this subject also ties in with the topic of Worker Misclassification—which relates to a situation such as when a Service Provider who is treated as an Independent Contractor is instead actually seen and classified as an employee. But above all, the carrying out of a reclassification of a worker within a company will vary, depending on the current circumstances and position of the company.

Concluding the panel discussion, the remainder of the event will be directed towards discussions and overall development. The attendees will be encouraged to participate in small groups to discuss industry matters and issues, and to also learn from each other and brainstorm ideas such as how to better grow as a business, and how to become more valuable within the industry. Building stronger and deeper connections and sharing knowledge are just a few of the main goals the facilitators of the ALC UNConference had in mind as the purpose for the event.

As a fun note, besides engaging in discussions, brainstorming, breakfast, lunches and dine-arounds, the attendees will also have the opportunity to enjoy a Whale-Watching Cruise, which will definitely add to the overall enchantment of the event.

Upon the completion of the UNConference, we will update you on Ians’ personal experience, thoughts, and interactions at the event, and talk about the newly acquired knowledge he gained from attending it. We hope you will join us for that, and we look forward to bringing it to you.

Read more about the event HERE. 

Written by: Joshua Hector

1-StopAsia Marketing Team

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