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1-StopAsia partners up with The Toolbox Journal

1-StopAsia is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Jost Zetzsche, Founder of the International Writers’ Group, LLC. As a partner, we provide free Korean and Japanese editions for his newsletter – The Toolbox Journal.  An ATA certified English to German translator, the native German speaker has proven mastery of written German and English through his many publications over his career in the industry. With 30+ years of linguistic experience, Mr. Zetzsche has extensive translation experience in software, marketing, and technical fields, as well as intimate working knowledge of web localization, development of glossaries and translation tools.

Ever since the launch of the first edition, Toolbox Journal has long become the go- to-reference trade publication for translation professionals and university courses around the world. The reference guide, which provides a wide array of practical tips, shares information and knowledge on software selection and software usage; to better assist professionals in streamlining their work process.

As a long time subscriber of the Toolbox journal, we are honored to have been chosen as the partner of this industry renowned publication. With the addition of Korean and Japanese editions, this user-friendly reference guide will be able to expand its user base to an even greater audience.


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