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Support Translators & Interpreters to Work Free from Fear

Red T is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting translators and interpreters in conflict zones and other adversarial settings. Advocating on behalf of those at risks, the association informs the public on their role as impartial linguistic facilitators. From legal systems to combat zones, these professionals are confronted with varying degrees of discrimination and persecution from all sides due to the public’s translator-traitor mentality, a shorthand term brought forth by Maya Hess, Founder and CEO of Red T to “capture the continuum and spectrum of distrust T/Is have been subjected to throughout the ages.”

Without the service of these professionals, thousands would be deprived of access to pertinent information. Intelligence operations abroad would not be able to be carried out, linguistic minorities would not be able to participate in legal proceedings, and many would be denied of basic human needs.

At present, translators and interpreters are not under the protection of legislation, A UN Resolution would be the first step toward ensuring protection under international law and it would mandate member states to prosecute crimes perpetrated against translators and interpreters. Please show your support today and sign the petition below to help these professionals work free from fear:

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