1-StopAsia Presents: Translation as a Profession

Now that 1-StopAsia’s “translation as a profession” seminar has come and gone, are you ready to join the translation field? The 2nd installment of this year’s seminar took place January 22nd, 2016 in Shanghai, China at west-bridge.

In spite of the cold weather, the room was filled with participants. Our host and CEO, Don Shin began by elaborating on the reality and common myths of the translation industry.

Anyone who wants a stable job, and wants to be independent while learning something new, should look into becoming a translator,” stated Don Shin.

Next to speak, was Korean Language leader, Sally Eum. She revealed the common CAT tools used in the industry, the basic principles and how they work. She concluded her presentation, by describing the past, present, and future of CAT Tools in the translation field.

Ji Won lee was the next to present. She shared her experiences as a translator, and described her experiences leading up to becoming a translator. Stressing that, “Good health is the key to be a successful free-lancing translator.” Finally, Nanhee KIM was the last to deliver her speech. Her presentation which was given in English, (unlike the others) undoubtedly added a bit of pizzazz to the seminar.

The seminar finished, with Don’s closing remarks and a surprise gift for two lucky participants; a free subscription of “The Tool Box Journal.”

Thank you to everyone who came out to the seminar, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!


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