1-StopAsia creates Korean interface for Memsource Cloud

1-StopAsia is excited to announce that our company has recently partnered with Memsource to create a new Korean interface for Memsource Cloud. With the hard work of 1-StopAsia’s Korean localization team, the interface is finally available for the public and 1-StopAsia’s team is also committed in maintaining future releases of this interface. 1-StopAsia now offers Korean companies and individuals without a Memsource license the opportunity to take advantage of this new Korean interface. With just a few clicks, Korean clients can get an instant quote for the documents, files, or websites that they need to translate by utilizing a localized version of the Memsource automation widget that is currently available on our Korean website

Memsource is among the top 3 CAT tools that 1-StopAsia utilizes in the company’s daily workflow. Our project managers are very satisfied with its performance especially due to its flexibility, ease of use, and real-time collaboration feature.

1-StopASIA is a long-standing user of Memsource with thousands of projects under their belt”, says David Čaněk CEO of Memorsource. “In 2015 they’ve localized our platform’s interface into Korean with excellent quality. Thanks to 1-StopASIA’s effort, Korean project managers can now use Memsource in their own language – which is simply brilliant!”


About Memsource Cloud

Memsource Cloud is a complete translation platform that includes translation memory, integrated machine and human translation, terminology management, and a web-based as well as a desktop translator’s editor.

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