Professional Development through the 2014 GALA Conference

We are delighted to hgalaave had the opportunity to attend this year’s GALA 2014 Conference in Istanbul, Turkey from March 23rd – 26th. As one of the most popular and largest cities in Turkey, its amazing cultural and architectural heritage has made it the perfect destination for high-value networking and a business professional learning atmosphere. This year 1-Stop Translation was represented by CEO, and Founder, Don Shin.

The annual GALA Language of Business conference has not only provided fantastic professional development opportunities through expert presentations and engaging programming, but new concepts and strategies that will help make their business even better.

Personally for me, this conference was all about innovation, networking and knowledge exchange. Attending this conference, has motivated me to be inspired about the future of the language industry,” commented CEO and Founder Don Shin.

If you missed 3 days of social activities and informative sessions, we’re sorry that you could not attend, but we look forward to seeing you next year! For more information, please visit, 2014 GALA Conference Istanbul.

For more pictures of the conference check out our Facebook Page

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