What new information have you accquired from the Kilgray’s fifth International MemoQfest?

1-Stop Translation has just returned from Kilgray’s fifth International MemoQfest

The MemoQfest conference has come and gone, and 1-Stop Translation is elated to utilize and implement the new information that we’ve acquired from this experience. Kilgray’s fifth international MemoQfest took place on May 8-10, 2013, in Budapest, Hungary at the Gundel House.

The conference began with a full day of workshops, centered on several focal points including; practices, social events, and networking opportunities with both translators and other language service providers.

The event was remarkable, I was excited to take advantage of an opportunity, that taught us about industry trends, and Kilray’s latest developments,” stated CEO and Founder, Don Shin.

For those who missed it, we are sorry that you were unable to attend, but we look forward to seeing you there next year! Enjoy these photos! For more information please visit 2013 Kilgray’s fifth international MemoQfest.


For more pictures of the conference check out our Facebook Page



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