As an exhibitor for more than 15 years running, we are more than thrilled to have taken part in one of the most prestigious conferences of the year. The 54th annual ATA Conference was held in the chilly city of Chicago, Illinois from November 5, 2014 to November 7th, 2014. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited our booth, and checked out our new display. This year, 1-StopAsia was represented by CEO and Founder, Don Shin and Resource Manager, Gina Lee.
This year’s the American Translators Association Conference was geared towards translators and translation agencies, who wanted to learn, collaborate and spark new ideas. We hope you didn’t miss this great opportunity to connect with over 1,800 colleagues from around the world and share your interests and experiences as well as to build what we hope will be long-lasting partnerships deep into the future.
We hope you enjoyed your special souvenirs and we look forward to connecting with you in Miami next year! For more conference information, please visit,