1-Stop Translation is Proud to Announce Our Sponsorship of the Baltic Loop
This year 1-Stop Translation is honored to sponsor 20km to the Baltic Loop, an initiative to help raise money to train trabaltic loopnslators in areas where access to knowledge is not available.
After hearing more about the mission to raise money for the Fund-a-translator Program, I was quite intrigued, and inspired to help out and support the cause; specifically the Baltic Loop event because I enjoy riding myself,” commented CEO and founder Don Shin.
There are thousands of people who do not have access to pertinent information such as healthcare and education because it is given to them in a language they cannot understand. The “Fund-a-translator program,” created by Translators Without Borders have set up translation training centers in Kenya where they are able to train volunteer translators. Although this is a noble and powerful cause, it is not cheap. Founder of Baltic Loop, Marek Gawrysiak and his associates have agree to implement an annual cycling trip to help raise money for the cause. They will be cycling from Poland through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden and eventually complete their Baltic Loop in Riga.
As a token of appreciation, Marek Gawrysiak, Operations Director at TextPartner has generously sent us a certification of appreciation for our support. We are honored to accept this invitation and thankful for their unwavering dedication and commitment to this imperative cause.
So join the cause, and become a sponsor today! For more information, or to make a donation please visit, Onourbikes.info.