Bronze Sponsor of Translators without Borders
Los Angeles, CA, February 3, 2012 – 1-Stop Translation USA, LLC, a translation service provider specializing in Asian languages, is pleased to announce that we have pledged our support to help humanitarian translations reach more people around the world by becoming a bronze sponsor of Translators without Borders.
Translators without Borders recently announced development of a new fully automated Translation Center, powered by, which has boosted the organization’s ability to provide pro bono translations to hundreds of non-profits by automatically linking volunteers to key projects that need translation.
The financial support provided by sponsors is critical to sustaining and growing the organization, particularly in under-resourced languages. “In the course of our work, we’ve become aware of a huge global need, which is for people in poor countries to be able to access global knowledge in their own language,” explains Lori Thicke, co-founder of Translators without Borders.
Don Shin, CEO and founder of 1-Stop Translation affirms the company’s commitment, “For quite some time, Asian countries were at the receiving end of humanitarian support. Now, we are proud to be able to give back and help those in need. Translators without Borders is doing marvelous works.”
Lori Thicke adds: “We are incredibly grateful to 1-Stop Translation for this assistance, which is critical to enable us, in turn, to support more humanitarian work around the globe.”
About Translators without Borders
Translators without Borders is a US-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of Translators without Borders (initially founded in France in 1993 as Traducteurs sans frontieres) is to translate knowledge for humanity. Translators without Borders has met that mission through quality humanitarian translations provided by a community of trained translators to vetted NGOs who focus on health, nutrition and education. Translators without Borders volunteers translate millions of words each year, focusing on three types of humanitarian translations: crisis translations needed urgently to inform people in crisis, translations that support an NGO’s operations, and translations that directly support people in need by translating educational and healthcare information into local languages such as Kiswahili and Amharic. The non-profit organization’s vision is to expand its open digital platform to help make knowledge more accessible worldwide through humanitarian translations. The initial goal is to assist humanitarian organizations with two million dollars worth of free translations per year.
About 1-Stop Translation
1-Stop Translation is a leader in Asian localization services. Founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2001, 1-Stop Translation is focused in providing exceptional translation, interpretation, desktop publishing, website localization and associated support services to over 400 clients worldwide. 1-Stop Translation provides 24-hour around-the-clock support to assist with the most urgent linguistic inquiries. With knowledge and respect for the unique cultures and languages of the East and their relationship with the West, 1-Stop Translation’s team works hard to bring all our clients reliable, accurate results.