GALA Conference 2012
We are delighted to have had the opportunity to attend this year’s GALA 2012 Conference in Monaco. Monaco is most known for its music, architecture, culture and impeccable sun 300 days out of the year. The event which lasted from March 26-28, provides an opportunity for high-value networking and candid peer-to-peer learning.
The GALA Language of Business conferences consisted of gratifying workshops, meetings, activities, exhibits, discussions, and debates. Not only was this event an excellent investment for an individual’s business but an avenue for professional development. For many individuals the Gala was a wonderful way to connect with the community and meet new colleagues and even potential clients. It also enabled others to gain new insight on how improve their business.
For those who missed the event, be sure to check out next year’s Gala. To view photos click here and for more info click here.