1-Stop Translation Announces New Expansion Project
1-Stop Translation is thrilled to announce our new expansion project. We have recently secured the office space next to our current suite. This bigger office will enable us to further grow our business and employ additional individuals.
We are not only excited for the new office, but the view is fantastic! With all this new empty space, we are still deciding what new things to add. One idea that is still up in the air is a new WII system to play during a break. I believe these new changes that are being implemented will really make the office a fun environment. Employees are supposed to get up and want to come to work, and this makes things a whole lot easier,” commented Marketing Specialist, Ariana Drummond.
In today’s society you see more companies becoming more modernized and enviable. A company’s environment can play a huge role in making challenging work fun, which is why we want to take a page out of the Google handbook, and do something new and fresh.
Here at 1-Stop, we strongly adhere to our company motto which is defined by our culture, history and employees, so we envision this company as a place for talented, passionate people from various backgrounds to come together and reach one common goal; which is to attain steadfast prosperity and success.
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